Treasury Management Solutions

Gain greater control of your cash flow

With a full menu of treasury management solutions available, we can help you manage your cash and payments with greater efficiency, collect your funds faster and mitigate your cash handling risks. Leverage our expertise for the benefit of your business.

Merchant Services

Streamline your payment processing and ensure that your card transactions are secure and efficient, with reliability that never clocks out. We have an extensive portfolio of innovative payment acceptance solutions designed to help you get more value from every transaction.


ACH can be used to collect receivables in a timely, secure and efficient manner while decreasing check fraud, reducing your costs associated with account reconciliation and stop payments, and allowing for recurring billing.  In addition, as an employer you can eliminate writing checks for payroll, expense reimbursements, and vendor payments.

Efficiently add funds into your account, save time on trips to the bank and spend more time on your business.  RDC allows you to make check deposits electronically from your office with a scanner provided by Beach.

Utilize a Beach operated mailing address for your customers to send their payments.  We will open the mail, deposit the funds into your account and scan the payments and remittance information to you., saving you time and reducing your expenses.

Monitor your account for unauthorized or fraudulent transactions. Daily, Beach will compare a list of checks submitted by your company against checks presented for payment. Items not matching are treated as suspicious, and you will have the opportunity to decide to return or approve them for processing.

If your business has multiple locations, a ZBA account allows segregation of funds and eliminates the manual transfer of funds between accounts. Each site utilizes their bank account number; however, all the money automatically sweeps into one primary account designated by you.

An excellent funds management tool to maximize your earnings on investable cash. The surplus balances from your operating accounts can be automatically invested overnight. Funds are transferred back and forth as necessary to cover checks and invest new excess funds. This allows you the assurance that every extra investable dollar is working for you.

Account Analysis provides you with a monthly, consolidated statement that summarizes all activity on your checking accounts, including Treasury Management services. Service charges are determined based on the transactions on the account. An earnings credit is calculated on your combined business checking account balances and applied to your total service charges. This credit provides you with the opportunity to offset service charges.

A faster and more efficient wiring process eliminating the need to go to the bank, email, or fax forms back and forth.
At Beach you can initiate your own wires and build templates for repetitive transactions online saving time and money.

Bill Pay

Simple, convenient and included in your Business account service bundle…Beach takes the headache out of Bill Pay so you can focus on the future of your business:

Pay all of your bills with one login

Create user IDs with different authority levels for employees

Stay organized with the ability to add line item details for each transaction.

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